10 errors designers commit in innovation projects

Today we see many organizations becoming interested in the approach that designers use to discover and deliver value to their customers, because unlike traditional approaches, designers take more risks, emotions are better explored, and original ideas are generated. This makes companies stand out from competitors, strengthening their brands and improving their bottom line. However, life is not a bed of roses, specially in this process, as I explain below.

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Approximating design and multivariate statistics

I am interested in approaching statistics and design for some reasons:

I had already seen some statistical initiatives that tried to make some of the designers’ decisions “more objective”. Among these tools already used we have:

  • quantitative analysis of insights,
  • counting words in qualitative interviews,
  • analysis of numerical patterns in comparative studies,
  • calculation sheets to compare understanding performance between different documents.

But nothing came close to the tools that are used by Economics and Marketing, like inferential statistics. It is quite different to say that 2 things are “related,” such as the presence of serifs and readability, and to say that one thing “causes” the other, that is, the serif is definitely a factor that caused the improvement in reading.

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