The Teaching of Graphic Design and Why It Should Change

This text aims to show that society has changed rapidly, but the teaching of graphic design did not follow these changes. If design colleges want to stay relevant, they will need to re-evaluate their curricula, taking into account new career paradigms. This article expands and elaborate on the ideas of the report AIGA Designer 2025.

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Discussing the relevance of design and graphic design

Design is blessing and curse. Blessing because it is comfortable to know that there is an activity concerned with attending to human interests, advocating for people needs. And it’s a curse when you use the term “design” as a one-size-fits-all definition that instead of clarifying, just confuses.

I will be clearer: there is a considerable gap between discussing the relevance of “design” and the relevance of “graphic design.” I believe that only an innocent soul would disregard the importance of design. Design is relevant. Graphic design maybe is not.

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8 evidences that design undergraduate programs are outdated

In Brazil, we have 336 design undergraduate programs, which prepare 12,000+ designers per year to live in the past. That’s exactly what you’ve read. (And before you look for “a” single culprit, there is no one. The whole educational system is the cause of this problem).

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